Monday, April 27, 2009

A White Coat and a Wonderful Visit

Travis' white coat ceremony was very enjoyable event, and I know for him it was very rewarding. He is beginning to see his hard work pay off. Because I was a little rushed getting to the ceremony I did not grab my camera, but thanks to my dad we have documentation of the event:

We had such a wonderful visit with our parents and were glad to have them with us. We made sure to take them for deep dish stuffed pizza, a Chicago must. We mainly stayed around our area, visiting the huge outlet mall in Gurnee and scoping out the house used in Home Alone. The house is quite interesting. It's not like you expect. It is in anormal neighborhood with houses situated quite close on each side. The magic of Hollywood. The best part of the visit was the wonderful time of visiting. We were sad to see the weekend end, but we look forward to our seeing everyone again in June for Cody's (Travis' brother) wedding!


Kristi said...

Are we going to see you at Heather's wedding too????

Hannah said...

Congrats to Travis!!