Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last Day

The last day has come and gone, and I can feel that the stress and anxiety has completely drained from my body. The ending of the day was bittersweet. As much as I disliked the work, I really enjoyed my coworkers, the doctors, and clinical assistants. The other podiatry schedulers signed a card for me and got me a gift card to Bath and Body Works. One of the clinical assistants, who I talked to everyday, gave me her email address and asked me to keep in touch. My manager asked that I keep in touch with everyone to let them know how I am doing. Bittersweet, but glad to be out. I have new employee orientation on Monday at Rosalind Franklin...and will be walking over to my new job at 8:00!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Counting Down

For the past two weeks we have been counting down the days. Each day I come home and Travis asks how the day was,then reminds me how many days I have left. The two weeks has gone very quickly which I am thankful for. I'm getting to that point where I know I'm almost out and really don't care anymore. But I'm forcing myself to continue to do my best work, especially if it means it will be less my coworkers will have to do once I'm gone. The other day, after continuous nagging to a facility to finalize a list (one of the many things I hate about this job), my boss said to me, "won't you miss this feeling of accomplishment?" I just laughed it off. No, I will not miss meeting deadlines at the expense of courtesy, professionalism and respect to others.

Travis's first week went well, although he was incredibly tired. He was in classes almost everyday from 8:00-4:00. He also is in charge of a couple organizations which equates to after class and sometimes evening meeting. This year is going to be different from his previous year, especially with his clinic time, which I believe he enjoys much more than sitting in class.

This Saturday Travis and I begin a new endeavor. Somehow or another one of Travis's classmates talked us into playing intramural flag football. I think the last time I played flag football was in 6th grade p.e. The teams have to be co-ed, and I know pretty much everyone on the team. Thankfully our group is not that big on winning but just having fun. My plan is to run around and make it look like I know what I'm doing. We'll see how it goes.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Update--Good News!

I apologize for my lack of blogging, and I know some of you are interested to know about the job prospect. I finally have something to tell. For awhile I thought that the position had been filled without me knowing. I found out via Travis that the school was on a hiring freeze for awhile. This Wednesday I received a call from the lady I interviewed with back in July. She explained that the school had been going through some department changes, and she will no longer be over the admissions department. She had showed my resume to the lady who would be taking over and wanted to set up a time for her to meet me. I gave her some dates for next week and waited to hear back. Friday came and I hadn't heard anything. I needed to know before the day was out so I could put in a time off request.She called me later that day to report some good news. It hadn't worked it's way completely through all of the channels, but I was offered the job! She told me to act surprised when HR called with the offer. They need me to start as soon as possible, so I was more than happy to turn in my two week notice before leaving work today. I can make it two more weeks, knowing there is an out.

Travis finished his summer class and clinical work last week and had this week off, though he stayed very busy. He was an Orientation Administrator for the new podiatry class. He had a small group of students, around 8, who he led and gave advice to. He and his friend Chris also spent the week cleaning the anatomy lab and getting it ready for the new class. He told me stories about that which I will not share on this blog. Feel free to ask him about it. When I returned home from work each day this week he was incredibly tired. We decided he needed a week off from his week off. Monday he officially starts his second year of school--his last year in the classroom. I know he is very ready to get the classwork over and start his externships.