Friday, January 30, 2009


I apologize for the lack of blogging. The truth is nothing too exciting has happened lately. Thankfully it has been much warmer than in my past blog; warmer meaning above zero.

Here are the things that have been happening:

* I am still waiting to hear from the Rotary about the job. I called last week to check up and apparently the people I interviewed with were at a training conference all week. If I don't hear by today I plan to call again next week.

* Yesterday I received a call from the lady at the placement agency. She has a possible job opportunity with a financial company as a Service Representative. So I am waiting to see if they will want to interview me.

* Travis is as busy as can be. When he came back from Christmas vacation he picked up two new classes without finishing any of his other classes. He finished one class today and picks up another one next week. He is overwhelmed with tests. He had two this week, has two next week, and three the following week. He then gets a week break in which he can study for his next round of tests. Following the week off he has twelve weeks with at least one test per week. Please keep him in your prayers as he continues to do a wonderful job with his studies.

That's about all that has happened so far here. Hopefully my next post will have more action and drama.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today was the coldest day that we have experienced up here. At around 9:00 this morning the temperature was clocked at -11 degrees with a -30 wind chill. The high for the day did not make it out of the negatives. Needless to say I stayed inside all day. Whereas, poor Travis had to walk to school. Thankfully he is prepared with thermals he bought for pack backing trips and a balaclava mask. He says the only problem with his warm winter gear is that it's a little too warm when he's in the classroom.

We knew it was unbelievably cold outside when we noticed the ice forming on the inside of the windows! Here are some pictures:

I had some errands to run today, but I think I will wait until tomorrow when it warms 8 degrees!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow, Snow and, You Guessed It, More Snow

When we arrived back to North Chicago a week in a half ago, we had to do a double take. Is this really the icy tundra we left two weeks ago? As we drove home from the airport we saw miles and miles of grass, unadulterated by the snow that plagued us months before our trip. Apparently while we were gone there was a heat wave (temperatures reaching the 50's and 60's) which melted a vast majority of the snow, and even caused some flooding. It was nice to have some time without the hastle of the cold, wet substance.

The snowless days lasted until Monday night/Tuesday morning of last week. Of course it was the morning I had to drive to my interview in Evanston. Thankfully the roads I was driving on had been plowed. It then snowed some on Thursday, as well as Friday. Friday night we went with some of Travis's classmates to a pool hall. While we were there the snow was coming down at a fairly nice rate. When the pool playing was done, we drove our passengers back to the student apartments. But the night was not over yet. Travis's two classmates jumped into a Dodge truck and we joined them in our Toyota Matrix in the fairly empty parking lot. Both vehicles began the thrilling experience of snow doughnuts! The things we southerners miss out on. Next time I hope to have my camera so I can take pictures and videos.To end the night Travis and his two classmates climbed a large pile of snow, the snow that had been plowed off the parking lot. Of course to get down Travis had to roll down the mountain. I remained in the dry, substaintially heated car while the boys had their fun.

We are supposedly in a blizzard/winter warning for tonight and tomorrow. We had a little bit of snow last night. The forcast on the weather channel for the next few days is exactly the same: snow, temps in the teens and windy. According to the weather channel we have already met and exceeded our average snow fall and we still have only been through 40% of the snow season.

We continue to bundle ourselves up, snuggle with warm blankets/duvets, and drink lots of hot tea and hot chocolate!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We Are Home!

We had a wonderful two weeks visiting with friends and family. We were so glad to have the opportunity to go back to Texas for the holidays (thanks again to my in-laws for that)! Though the time we spent with everyone was wonderful, there is something equally wonderful about being home. We arrived home a little before noon today and immediately felt a sense of relaxation as we walked in the door. Both of our flights home went very well. We knew our first flight would go without a glitch because it was protected by a jedi--a little boy with his trusty lightsaber (it was 6:00 in the morning, we were laughing at any little joke).

Travis will be starting back, full-force, into his course load on Monday. He has only finished one class so far, but will pick up four new classes. On Tuesday I will have a second interview with Rotary International. We are very hopeful this job will come through.