Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Survived (and Conquered) Cinco de Mayo

Work has been very busy lately. Kristi, you were right...I am longing for those days of boredom. At the beginning of last week 2 girls from our department were let go. So Nastasha and I took over their desks for the week which entails taking care of 3 doctors: checking in on their visits for the day, scheduling visits for the upcoming weeks, and revising lists. Last Friday the doctors were all switched up between the 5schedulers. So this week I started off with my 3 doctors.

Monday I was pretty stressed about everything I had to do to get caught up. At the end of the day we found out that 2 of the schedulers would be out tomorrow. So instead of taking care of the visits for 3 doctors, I would be taking care of 5 doctors. The extra fun came this morning when our manager informed Nastasha and I that the other scheduler called in sick. The two of us now made up the podiatry scheduling department, and each of us handled the visits for 8 doctors! Our training must have been superb because we ended up reaching an average that podiatry has not seen in quite awhile. Our manager was very, very impressed...so were we!


Kristi said...

You're a pro already and they're lucky to have you! Go girl!

Mel said...

Good job! Nothing like impressing the boss when you're still new.