Saturday, April 4, 2009

The First Week

I apologize for the lack of blogging this week. I have felt very drained when I get home from work. My body is having to learn this schedule again. My first week has been a little boring, trying to take everything in. Another girl started the same day as me and is in the same position. The two of us have bonded pretty well. I knew my position title before I started, but I didn't know which field I would be in: Dentistry, Audiology, Podiatry, or Optometery. Ironically, I am a Podiatry Scheduler. Travis was excited about that!

My first three days were rather boring because I sat and observed one of the schedulers. The first day I was a little nervouse because of all that she was doing. I had no idea what was what or why she would do a certain task. On the second day I felt much better. I understood what was going on and could anticipate the next step. This job is quite different from what I am use to. A majority of time is spent working with a database system and there are many different reports which have to be filled in.

At the end of Wednesday we were taught how to do a couple of tasks and then spent the next two days completing these for the other four podiatry schedulers. Since there were two of us working on this we finished them quicker than one person and would then be stuck with nothing to do. We often times would walk to each other's cubicle to see if there was any work we could take.

We are learning the job bit by bit and then we will be given our own doctors to schedule and take care of. The people I have met so far are very nice and helpful. Hopeful they all remember what it was like on their first week.

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Kristi said...

Finally! I've been checking for this update all week. It's awesome that you got into the podiatry scheduling--sounds like it was meant to be! Someday you'll probably be so busy you'll be wishing for these "boring" days to come back again!