Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Storm in March

Last night the snow started falling around 7:00 p.m. When we woke up Sunday morning there were inches of snow on the ground, and it was still coming down. We went about our normai routine and got ready for church. We left the apartment a little earlier than normal, in case we needed to go slower on the roads. When we entered the hallway outside our apartment we noticed the lights were out. Apparently part of our building lost power; luckily, our apartment did not.

I'm not sure how much snow we got, but it was quite a dropping. As we walked to our garage we had to bend under tree branches that were hanging much lower, due to the weight of snow. Some of the trees were actually leaning. When we reached our garage I pushed the garage door opener and nothing happened. I tried again and again. The light on the opener would come on, but nothing would happen. Travis ran back to the apartment to get the key which we have never tried before. Either we have the wrong key or it is not cut properly, because it would not turn. So we ended up not going to church because our car was locked in the garage! We are hoping this gets fixed before tomorrow...when I have to drive to my first day at a new job.

Here are a few pictures of the spring snow storm:

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thegrocergirl said...

Be careful driving in the snow! You're not used to it, and it's rush hour.

Good luck on your first day!