Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We Are Here!

Sorry to keep everyone in suspence...we actually made it to North Chicago! We had so many wonderful friends come to help us pack up the Uhaul. I would guess that we had around 15 or so people. We greatly appreciate the help that everyone of you offered.

We left College Station at around 6:00 in the morning and met my family in Dallas at around 9:00. Once we rearranged luggage and people in the cars we headed out for the next part of the journey, Travis and my dad in the Uhaul, Jennifer and I in the Toyota, and Traci and my mom in the van. The Uhaul crew began driving towards Oklahoma while the rest of us went to drop the van off at the airport. Around 12:30ish we stopped for lunch at a Burger King/gas station across the street from a huge casino--I kept expect a herd of Elvis impersonators to come barreling out.

We finished the drive through OK, quite a boring drive I might add, and then we came to Missouri. We enjoyed the drive through this new state, mainly because the hills at least added a little bit of variety to the journey. We arrived at our hotel in Sullivan, MO at 8:30 in the evening. We quickly ran over for a quick bite at the Crackle Barrel right next to the hotel and then we all fell right to sleep.

The next morning we started out at 7:30. Sullivan is only an hour away from St. Louis so we were doing pretty well. We passed by the arch which was quite thrilling! Then we entered Illinois which felt like we were back in Oklahoma--flat farm land as far as the eye can see. We arrived at our apartment complex at around 2:30. Once we filled out all the paper work and got the keys we entered the apartment at around 3:00. It is very nice which we are glad about since we rented this place without seeing it. We've had to think outside the box a little bit with all our stuff. The kitchen is smaller and has less cabinet room than our other place which is tough because we hardly fit our kitchen items in that space. We have found a way to make it work. Our master bedroom is bigger as well as the bathroom. The best feature of the apartment is it has one of those systems where you buzz visitors up to your apartment--so fun! I plan to put up pictures soon. I'm waiting until we have it put together a bit more.

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