Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Did You Get That?

We had a little adventure on our second day in North Chicago. On Friday we remained very busy with unpacking and figuring out how the furniture should be placed. We got quite a bit done during the morning and the afternoon. At around 5:30 things took a little bit of a change.

Those of you who visited our old apartment know that Travis has a pair of shark jaws that we hang on the wall in the guest room. In the midst of tryin to hang these they sort of slipped off the wall and I happened to be right under them getting a picture. One of teeth got my arm pretty good, not bad, believe me I've had worse injuries. The cut was deep enough that I would need stitches. So my dad used his GPS to find an emergency room. We got there at 6:00 and didn't leave until 12:00! After the first three hours of waiting I was finally called in to get registered. The lady registering me was so nice and actually lived in Texas at one time! Everyone in the ER was so nice and personable. And let me tell you, my injury story was the hit of the ER. How many people can say they got a shark bite in their apartment?

I ended up getting three stitches and a tetnis shot. I am healing quite nicely and go to a doctor on Friday to get the stitched taken out.


Mel said...

I'm sorry you got hurt, but man what an awesome story!

Kristi said...

I'm laughing so hard! But, seriously, I'm sorry you're hurt. And I'm glad you made it--yeah, Oklahoma is the worst part of that drive.

Kristi said...

So, in checking out the photos of your place I noticed one glaring absence. Where is a picture of the infamous shark jaw?