Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last Day

Today is our last day in College Station, Texas. Tomorrow we will be leaving at 6:00 in the morning, heading to North Chicago. We've had some "fun" the past two days. Yesterday when I returned home from running some errands I noticed it was a little warm in the apartment. The temperature in the apartment was 81 yet the unit was still working, just not blowing cold air. So I told the apartment people at around 11:30, figuring that would be plenty of time to get it fixed. At about 1:30 the maintanence guy came by saying he would check the freon on the roof. I didn't hear anything more about it. We kept calling and they said they had a call into the contractors. By late afternoon it was 88 degrees in the apartment which made it very hard to do anything. Needless to say little packing was done.

We had dinner plans with a couple from our church. When they heard about our problem they offered up their guest room to us. We said we would check first to see if anything had been fixed and if not we would take them up on it. When we got home at 8:30 the apartment was up to 91 degrees--the carpeted floor was hot to walk on! So we packed our overnight bags and headed to the lovely air conditioned guest room.

As of right now the a/c has yet to be fixed, but one of Travis' friends was kind enough to bring us three floor fans. I'm hoping something gets fixed before 5:00 when we will be loading the truck. I think Travis and I will always remember our last few days in College Station!


Mel said...

Yuck! There's nothing worse than having to do physical labor and not having a place to cool down. Happy travels!

Kristi said...

We missed you at Christy's wedding reception! Did you actually make it to Chicago? Don't leave us hangin!