Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Apartment and Surrounding Areas

We are very close to having everything in its place which is very nice. The apartment is feeling a lot like home to both of us. We have yet to meet any of our neighbors; I don't think everyone has returned yet for school. Here are some pictures of the apartment:

Here is the living room...along with the PGA tournament on tv.

Our kitchen where we got very creative figuring out where all of our stuff would go.

Our Texas "bling" right outside the kitchen.

Our nice big bathroom with two sinks--no more water fights!

The guest room/office. *Please note the shark jaws on the left as mentioned in a previous post.

The master bedroom which is much larger than what we previously had.

This is the front of our building.

Travis' school which is literally a parking lot away from our apartment.

And just for fun...

Shark Attack! It's a little blurry but you get the jist. The stitches came out Friday and I am almost completely healed.

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Kristi said...

Looks like you guys are settled in nicely! But I can't see the shark I blind to them?