Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Week's Events

Well, I have one more week of freedom until my new job starts. After 7 months of waiting and searching it doesn't feel too much like freedom anymore. There are only so many times you can window shop at Target. The company sent me a large packet of paperwork to fill out and send back. My hours of work will be 7:30-4:00, although I may need to come in around 7:00. For a non-morning person this is going to be fun. I may have to learn to enjoy the taste of coffee. This week I will be practicing waking up early so the following week is not such a shock.

A couple of weeks ago Travis and I decided to get rid of our cable. We wanted to save money and stop unneeded watching. The majority of the shows I watch are reruns that I have seen before. We have signed up with Netflicks since we are quite behind in the movie watching, and it is a little awkward getting to our Blockbuster. Our first two movies, Prince Caspian and Kungfu Panda, should arrive tomorrow!

Tuesday we had an enjoyable dinner with Travis' dad who was in town for work. He took us out to eat at this fantastic seafood place called Bob Chin's. The place was huge and had some amazing food! Of course the more important part of the evening was catching up!

Today our church had a potluck lunch. We brought the traditional southern potluck dish: green bean casserole. We were shocked when ours was the only one on the tables. According to the preacher's son this church is known for its jello molds. He begged us not to bring one. Hilarious! One of the ladies at the church is polish and brought homemade stuffed cabbage and blintzes. Both were absolutely amazing! We ended up taking some plates of food home, so no cooking dinner tonight!

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Kristi said...

It helps if you add a little chocolate to the coffee--try powdered hot cocoa mix or Nesquick powder. Good luck next week!