Friday, March 27, 2009

Winding Down

This Thursday was my last day at tutoring. Over the past two weeks I have been administering a standardized test to the boys, just like the TAKS test. I've been breaking it up into one or two sections per meeting. So Thursday we finished the last two sections and then we had our pizza party! We ate pizza and cookies and I distributed their prizes. The tutoring company gave each kid a new packback and a t-shirt. I gave them a little bag of some goodies they could use at school. And then we played a game! The boys had asked me to bring Monopoly. So we spent the rest of the time playing Lord of the Rings Momopoly! I am going to miss seeing those little guys!

In my last post I mentioned getting up earlier this week to condition my body for when I start my job. Travis and I, both, were a little skeptic of this. I decided Monday would be my last day to get up at 8:00, but every day after that I got up at 7:00. I even cooked Travis and I breakfast on Tuesday. Today I got up and drove my route to work. I wanted to see how traffic was at that time, how long it would take me, and figure out where I was suppose to park. I am all set for Monday.


Mel said...

You're so good! I tried doing that when I switched to Columbia. I was going to practice walking my route to see how long it took, but I didn't do it so I had to wing it my first day. I felt like I was running so that I wouldn't be late!

Kristi said...

Can't wait to hear how your first day goes! Have a relaxing weekend before you start.

JAKruse said...

Good luck on Monday!