Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where Did January Go?

(So I started this post on Thursday, hoping to get it finished and posted--didn't happen. A main reason being that our desktop went on the fritz this week. Travis has had to order a few parts to fix it. This week I have been commandeering Travis's laptop to feel connected to the electronic world. Please enjoy the rest of the post!)

I think I blinked and the month was gone! Once again I have slacked on my blogging. I use to be so good at updating. I suppose a main reason would be that nothing huge or noteworthy has really happened--just the same daily routines.

Another possible reason for my lack of blogging is the fact that I was preoccupied for most of January. For Christmas I received the Harry Potter books and I devoured them during the last month. I had read the first 2 books about 3 years ago while visiting my family, but then stopped once I went back to College Station. Pretty much every evening for the past month, I was found, wrapped in my Snuggie (shout out to the in-laws for that Christmas gift)on the couch reading from early evening til time for bed. To any one who has not read these books I highly recommend them!

Travis has spent the last month doing his norm...studying. He and his classmates are so ready for this book work phase of medical school to be over. Four more months to go. Travis has been doing a phenomenal job on his tests. He found out that he made one of the highest grades on his clinical exam, in which he runs through an exam of a standardized patient--so proud! All of the students at the school have the last week in February off as a spring break. I know Travis can't wait to have a week without class, even if he will have to study.

The weather hasn't been too bad up here. Compared to last year this has been a mild winter. A couple of weeks ago we had a "heat wave" where the temperatures reached the mid 30's. Almost all of the snow was melted in a few days. I was thoroughly happy with this. But then it all came back this Tuesday--drat! Only 3 or so more months of winter.

We are possibly looking at moving out of our apartment this summer. The housing for the navy is also available to the medical students. Last summer Travis's friend Chris was put on a list as being interested in a house if it became available. His plans have since changed, but he still has his name on the list. If something does become available we would be able to take his spot. Travis has been inside one of these houses before and says they are huge! It would be 3 bedrooms, $50 more in rent than what we pay now, but the utilities are included, not something that is apart of our current lease. Of course I wouldn't be able to walk to work, but all of the housing is within a 5 minute drive (if that) from the school.

We have enjoyed our apartment, but it is very cramped. We also have some very annoying neighbors above and below us. The girls above have parties late at night and sound like elephants when they walk across the room. The guys below us play their piano (which they are not suppose to have) at 10:00 at night, play music, "unknowingly" loud, set up a trap to catch squirrels (don't even ask), and chunk snowballs as hard as they can at their car. We've decided not all the lights are on upstairs for these guys, or as our preacher said the other day, the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.


Mel said...

I hear you on the loud neighbors! I'm itching to move to a place with a dishwasher and washer/dryer in the apartment! My roommates aren't interested in moving though :(.

Kristi said...

Welcome to the world of Harry Potter fans! I'll try to contain my glee.
It is really funny to me that your "heat wave" is our cold front!
Good to see an update!