Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Continued

Once we safely arrived at our destination for Christmas everything was wonderful! We had a delicious Christmas meal with my family, including my two grandmothers, and a fun time opening gifts. It was very new for us to open gifts in the evening time. Usually it is the first thing in the morning, but you have to mix things up to keep it energized.

The next morning we drove to San Angelo to Travis's grandparents' house where his parents and Cody and Larissa were. We had planned to leave around 9:30 to give us a little extra sleeping time after our past few early mornings. We didn't realize how tired we were from all the past adventures. It was close to 9:30 when we finally woke up, but man, did we feel refreshed. We had a great time visiting, eating, and opening gifts. It was even more fun helping his grandparents move some furniture--the best part being watching Travis and Cody attack each other with inanimate objects as they carried pieces of furniture. We hated that the visit had to be so short, but at least we were able to get there. Hopefully next time we can have more time to spend with everyone.

Sunday and Monday were mainly spent resting and relaxing. On Monday we did go see Shrelock Holmes which was very entertaining. We were planning to have my mom and sister take us to Dallas early Tuesday to catch our flight. Then we started noticing the weather reports--another snow storm set for late Monday night/early Tuesday night. What in the world?? We decided to leave Monday night just in case and stayed with Travis's grandmother in Lancaster. This was a much better plan because it allowed us more time with his grandmother and his aunt.

We made it to our plane without any weather trouble. When we got in our seats I noticed the family in front of us had an adorable little 2 year old. That opinion soon changed drastically 10 minutes after with took off. She didn't exactly cry but made whiney noises and screamed occassionally the whole trip. Travis had his headphones which allowed him to drown out the noise easily. One of these days we will have a nice, pleasant plane trip. :)

Travis's feelings toward this Christmas are unleashed.

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