Wednesday, February 25, 2009


First of all I must post this enjoyable picture:

This is a gag gift my sister sent to Travis. He loved it! I think he should wear it in his anatomy labs.

Travis is off from school this week, but not off from studying. As soon as he goes back he will begin 12 weeks of tests. His days are not completely filled with studying. We have been spending some time having fun. Our preacher and his wife gave us a giftcard to a restaurant for our anniversary. Last night we decided to take advantage of the gift and had a nice dinner at LoneStar Steakhouse. The restaurant is a Texas theme which was very enjoyable. It was a little weird to see all this Texas paraphernalia and then have a waitress with a thick Illinois accent.

I am having a wonderful time with my tutoring. The boys are so well-behaved and excited to learn. On Tuesday I was going to administer an assessment test to see how the tutoring had benefited the students. Before the test I wanted to review over some of the aspects they had learned. For most of the review I used items that were included in the tutoring binder. However, I felt that they needed something else to help them with the different paragraphs in an essay. So I found the "sandwich" technique online and quickly made visual aids for the review. Here is the paragraph sandwich:

On the test the students had to write a sentence about their class, using proper capitalization and punctuation. One of the boys wrote the sentence: My teacher Mrs. Bodeker is a good teacher. That just made my day!

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Kristi said...

I've enjoyed reading your last three posts to catch up and I'm so excited about your tutoring position. It sounds like it's going well. So glad you had a nice anniversary dinner as well--Congratulations on the first year! Love you bunches!