Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Anniversary

Travis and I had a wonderful anniversary. I felt well enough by the time we left for dinner, though I did stuff a stash of napkins (I used up all the kleenex) in my purse. Again I had no idea where we were going to dinner. Travis picked a wonderful restaurant in Lake Forest, a very swanky, well-to-do town. We were greeted by the manager and taken upstairs to the Bank Lane Bistro. We were seated on the patio, which during the winter is glassed in with overhead heaters. We started out with an appetizer of calamari which was excellent. I had a salad which consisted of a mixture of greens encircled by thinly cut pieces of cucumber. Both Travis and I picked fish entrees. He had the Australian Baramundi and I had a fish that started with a k. I can't remember the name, probably because I had never heard of it before. Both dishes were excellent and were light enough to where we didn't feel overtly full. Since we still had some room we ordered dessert. Travis had the chocolate creme brulee and I had the warm melted center chocolate cake. Of course both desserts were delicious. How can you go wrong with chocolate?

As we were leaving we had our waiter take a picture of us to commemorate the event(see below). After the picture Travis was able to shake hands with the cook and complement him on the meal. He had never meet the cook at a restaurant before and was excited by this. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and hope to sometime go back.

We ended up not going out to a movie but renting one instead. I liked this idea a lot better, one because I was running out of napkins, and two, there really wasn't much playing in the theater that I wanted to see. However, there are many movies that are out to rent which neither of us have seen. Travis picked the movie and chose wisely. We spent a wonderful evening watching the thriller Eagle Eye, a movie we both had been wanting to see.

Overall we had a very enjoyable anniversary.

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