Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Chicago Bulls

Last night Travis and I went to a Chicago Bulls game at the United Center. One of his classmates arranged for a group of the students to go with discounted tickets. We were pretty much at the very top, but still we were at a Bulls game! This was my first professional basketball game to go to. We watched the Bulls play the Denver Nuggets, and they won! Hopefully we can go to at least one game of all the professional Chicago teams. Travis received a compliment last night from a group of girls. I had to get up a few times during the game, and the best way out was to hop over our seats to the top and go down the stairs. Of course when I would come back Travis would get up and hold my hand to help me down. On my second time coming down this group of girls wanted to tell me how nice my husband was for always helping me down. Yes, he is a good one!

Here are some pictures from the game:

Here is the final score. We received a coupon for McDonalds which said if the Bulls scored 100 points and won you would get a free Big Mac. As soon as we hit the 100 points Travis and some others kept chanting "Big Mac, Big Mac!"

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