Monday, November 24, 2008

Two Strikes, Good Friends, and Snow

Well, I found out on Thursday and Friday that I did not get the two jobs I was hoping for. I have been waiting since October to hear about the National Speakers Bureau job. On Thursday I decided to check the staff page on their webpage to see if anything new was up. The position I applied for was up on the site with someone else's name. Late Friday afternoon I checked the mail to find a letter from Lake County Forest Preserves, Discovery Museum. I knew as soon as I saw that envelope it was not good news. The letter thanked me for my interview, but they hired someone else. This was a bigger blow for me because this was my realm; I was very qualified for that job. Needless to say Friday night was a little tough for me, but thankfully I had my wonderful husband who knew exactly what to say, even if at times it was nothing, and what to do, even if it meant just holding me. He especially understood the trip to the grocery store for emergency chocolate and Diet Coke :) So now I am back at square one. I am continously searching for jobs and applying to anything and everything. I also am searching for seasonal/holiday work to bring in some income.

Our friend Kim flies in on Thursday for Thanksgiving and will stay with us through Monday. We are planning to have a potluck Thanksgiving dinner with her and a couple of Travis's classmates. A couple of weeks ago we received a wonderful gift from Travis's parents. They are flying us home to Texas for Christmas and New Years. We will be in Texas from December 20th through January 3rd. We plan to visit Abilene (20-25), College Station (26-28), and Lufkin (29-3). We are so excited!

Last Thursday I traveled down to Evanston to attended an art show Katrina put on with some other local artists. And while there I was able to see Daniel Stinson (aka DanX) who was spending a week with Mark and Katrina. It was so much fun to hang out with some of the old crew. And the art show was fantastic! I wish I was in a place where I could buy some of the art. There were quite a few Katrina originals that I wanted. On Sunday we had lunch with Kelly, Sarah, and Lisa Davidson who were in the area for a wedding. Kelly was the one who performed our wedding. It was so wonderful to catch up with them. Seeing them made me feel like we were back in Texas.

Today at 7:30 Travis gingerly woke me up and asked me to look out the window. It was snowing! The ground and the cars all had a light layer of snow and more was falling lightly from the sky. It stopped by 8:30 and by now is almost all melted but it still was fun to wake up to!


JAKruse said...

We all at the farm are sad you didn't get the job you wanted. Keep your chin up and God will find something for you in his time. Look forward to seeing you when yall come into CS.


Hannah said...

Bummer about the jobs. They don't know what they are missing out on!! That is super exciting that you will get to spend the holidays in TX though!

Rachael said...

Sorry about the museum job, EC. Sounds like you would have been perfect for the job. Sounds like you and Travis are still having a blast up there in Chicago! AND...what a sweet thing for his parents to do!! Sending you home for Christmas!