Monday, November 3, 2008

"It's For a Good Cause"

Travis has entered himself into a "contest" in which he is the only participant and the proceeds will go to a worthy cause. Before I explain the contest I need to prelude with another contest. Three weeks ago, at the start of the crazy tests for Travis and his classmates, some of the guys in Travis's class decided they would go without shaving their moustaches until the tests were over. Travis was not one of the ones who participated. Last week while discussing the contest with a fellow classmate, Travis mentioned that a real contest would be to go without shaving a moustache until Histology class is over, which would be the beginning of February. Travis's classmate said that if Travis did it he would donate $100 to the American Diabetes Association. There is the possibility that other will donate money to the organization if Travis makes it. He is not allowed to trim the moustache; the only thing he can do is trim the area on his upper lip.

Even though it is for a wonderful cause...I am somewhat looking forward to February :)

I plan to take pictures of the stache's growth over the next 3 months. Here it is on day one:


Kristi said...

Don't worry, Erin. I'm married to a man with facial hair and it's worth going through a little brush to get to a good picnic!

JAKruse said...

Tell Travis he'll get a check from me if he can complete that. No beard right, just the stache. Because if it has a beard its just not that cool.