Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I had my interview yesterday at the Discovery Museum. I feel that it went well, but I always think afterward that I didn't do as well as a should. I think back on what I said and wonder if I could/should have said more. I felt very at ease and enjoy the people I interviewed with. They are finishing up interviews today and said I should hear something by the end of the month. Before the interview I visited the museum and spent about 2 1/2 hours looking and reading. The museum is very well put together. One section is a permanent exhibit on the history of Lake County; there is another permanent exhibit on postcards which is really fascinating. Then there are two spaces available for traveling exhibits. The museum is located within a forest preserve and right next to a lake. It is beautiful. Over the past week and a half, aside from visiting the museum, I rented a couple books on Lake County history and studied up on some very interesting facts about the county.

I am very hopeful and will let everyone know as soon as I hear something.


Rachael said...

Good Luck, Erin!! I really hope this one works seems perfect for you : )

Kristi said...

Wow! This one sounds better than the other one--can't wait to hear how it works out! They'd be lucky to have you.