Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Beginnings

Welcome to Travis and Erin Bodeker's blog!

For those of you who do not know we are less than a week away from moving to North Chicago, IL (about 30 miles north of downtown Chicago). Travis will begin podiatry school at the Dr. Scholl's School of Podiatry and me, well I'll be doing something. I'm in the midst of looking for jobs. I think once we get up to Illinois it will be easier to find something.

We both are finishing up our last weeks of work, me at the Star of the Republic Museum and Travis at St. Joseph's Hospital. For the past two days I have been training the person who will be taking over for me. It's a weird feeling training someone for my job because I can distinctly remember when I first showed up and was learning the ropes.

This Friday my dad and sister are driving down from Abilene to pick up my car and tote it back. With all of the other forms of transportation up north, we feel we won't have a real need for two cars. Our apartment is less than half a mile from his school. Next Tuesday we will pack up our lovely 17 foot Uhaul truck, and early Wednesday morning we will head out! The first stop will be in Dallas where we will pick up my parents and sisters and then head for Springfield, MO. The next day we plan to be in North Chicago, hopefully with enough time to get into our apartment--an apartment that neither of us has seen yet but we have had very good recommendations from outside sources.

We are excited about our new adventure and will keep you posted!


Mark said...

sweet! i've subscribed to your blog - so keep the stories interesting! :) after you've settled or even before, let's get together for dinner some night soon!

Brooke said...

Good luck with the move! It was when Charles and I loaded up our own 17 foot U-Haul the we realized just how much stuff we had accumulated! It's amazing! Anyway, I am sure you will have so much fun in Chicago. I hear wonderful things about it! Charles' brother and sister-in-law live there, so if we ever make it up there to see them we will definitely have to meet up! Keep us all posted on the happenings in the Bodeker world!

Emily V. said...

I am so excited you y'all! I love Chicago and am totally jealous that you get to move there! Keep the updates coming!