Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Still Snowing

It's hard to believe spring will come early this year when you are stuck in the middle of one of the worst snowstorms Chicago has seen in years. It is still snowing here and is scheduled to for most of the day. Last night my lights flickered once, and a little later the electricity went completely out for about 10 seconds. Other than that, everything has stayed in tact.

I took a few pictures of the "winter wonderland" outside. This is the most snow I have ever seen!

I don't think I will be going out on the back patio any time soon.

I'm glad our car is safe and warmish in a garage.

I took this picture because of the trees. I have never seen them completely covered in snow.

Hopefully you can see the mound of snow in this picture. This is one of the snow drifts near the apartment.

It will be interesting to see if I go to work tomorrow or not.

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Kristi said...

Holy cow! Stay warm, friend.