Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Just to catch everyone up, we all survived the Blizzard of 2011. We received between 18-20 inches of snow. By the next day the roads were plowed, sidewalks were shoveled and it was back to life as usual. I know all you Texas people can't believe that, especially those of you who were stuck at home for 4 days. The past two days the temperature has hit about 40 degrees. It is amazing what above freezing temps and a little sun will do to a whole lot of snow. In certain areas, I can see the grass. Come on Spring!

Travis and I are doing well. It's been two weeks since he left for the start of his 4 months of rotations. He is doing well in Colorado. He is not as busy as he was at his last rotation, but from what I can tell he is apart of more surgeries. We talk every evening before bed. It is a little weird that he is not here for Valentine's Day or our anniversary (Wednesday).

I have been doing my best to stay busy. It's a little hard with the cold and snow. I would like to get involved with some volunteering, but I need to wait until it is warmer. My co-workers have been helping me by inviting me out to different functions. Last week I went with one of my co-workers to watch her daughter's choir perform different Disney songs. This Friday I am going with another co-worker to a battle of the bands/coffee bar event. It should be interesting. In March I am going to Washington DC for a medical school recruiting event, which I am looking forward to.

To end today's post I will share with you one of the conversations I overheard on our interview day (these are both male faculty members):

Interviewer 1: "What is today's date?"
Interviewer 2: "February 14th, Valentine's Day!"
Interviewer 1: "Uh-oh I'm in trouble."

Happy Valentine's Day!

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