Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Travis and I have been counting down the days until we leave for Christmas in Texas. We will be hitting up family in Abilene, San Angelo, and Dallas. We are both so ready for this!

Travis finished his round of tests last Thursday and has been enjoying his two weeks off so far. He did superbly well on his tests, as I knew he would. He has spent his time reading, playing computer games, catching up on ESPN sports, and studying. As Travis says, studying has become a dirty habit.

I work tomorrow but plan to leave a little early so we can make sure to catch our flight. The plane doesn't leave until 6:30, but there is no telling what the traffice will be like from North Chicago to O'hare. Our preacher's son has offered to take us and pick us up from the airport. We have been so blessed to get to know this wonderful, giving family!

For the past few days we have had a nice covering of snow on the ground. I woke up this morning to fresh layering and thousands of little snow flakes falling down. It snowed all last night and all of today. The forecast says it is suppose to snow more tonight and tomorrow. (Get me back to the brown grass of Texas!)

Here are a couple pictures of what I woke up to this morning:

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