Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week Off

This past weekend Travis, along with all the students at Rosalind Franklin, began a week fall break. Travis has been counting down the days until this glorious time. Of course the staff and faculty do not get the week off. So I begrudgingly arise from bed each morning as Travis remains snuggled under the covers.

So far on his week off we have enjoyed some delicious Mexican food with his friend's parents. We also had a less than enjoyable lunch on Sunday after church. It started out endearing; Travis wanted to spend time with me by eating at a restaurant. We decided to try an Italian restaurant we had seen in the town of Libertyville. Now the drive from church to the restaurant took 15-20 minutes. Once we get to the restaurant we see the sign: Open at 4:00. Who opens at 4:00 on a Sunday? Sheesh. We then drive past another Italian restaurant with cars in the parking lot--a good sign. By this time we are pretty hungry and sick of driving around. We reach the front entrance and are greeted by a waiter who informs us they are only open to host a baby shower. Really? After trying our best to go to a local restaurant we opt out for Olive Garden. We will not be craving Italian food any time soon.

We also spent an enjoyable evening taking apart an Xbox. Travis's friend Chris brought his Xbox over last night to play video games. Because the game kept freezing the guys decided to use canned air to clean the Xbox out. Travis forgot to mention to Chris that the straw part of the can can easily come off if blown too hard. An important warning too late in discussion. Conversation which occurred:
Travis: Did you blow the straw into the xbox?
Chris: No. (sarcastically, as he shakes the xbox and we can hear the straw rattling around)
Thus began the "surgery" on the Xbox. I say surgery because podiatry scissors were used in the effort of extracting the straw from the gaming system.

Tomorrow night we are venturing out with some other podiatry students to see a Black Hawks hockey game. I'm pretty excited about this.

And even though he has been excited about this week off, Travis has already admitted that he is bored :)

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