Monday, October 19, 2009

We're Still Here

Once again I have fallen off the blog wagon. It's time to do some major catching up.

* Heather's wedding was wonderful and it was great to be back in Texas with good friends. I was able to meet Kristi's precious little boy and see Trish pregnant. It was a little hard not having Travis there with me. Because the wedding was in College Station I was able to surprise many people at A&M C of C with a Sunday morning visit. I also was able to make a trip down to the museum and visit with everyone which made my heart happy. I haven't seen my co-workers since we left for Chicago.

* I realized how accustomed I have become to the Illinois weather. It was in the 90's on Saturday in Texas, and I thought I was going to melt. When I left Chicago to go to Texas it was a balmy 70. I get back 2 days later and it's 40 something. Not a good prelude to the winter.

* Travis has been doing well in his classes, as always. He picked up a Radiology class a few weeks ago, and he will start a Surgery class next year. Of course these are tacked on without any of his other classes ending. He is very ready for the classwork to be over and the clinical work to start.

* Work is going well. So far we have had 5 successful interview days. On a couple of days it has been a little stressful trying to find faculty to come interview, but other than that we have been fully prepared. I am thoroughly enjoying my new position and the people I work with. For know I am still walking to work. We shall see what the next months are like.

* Besides work and school, Travis and I have been having our share of fun. A couple weeks ago we celebrated the birthday of one of Travis's classmates at a place called Gameworks. It was a two-story arcade. The best part about this arcade was at 9:00 they kicked anyone who was under 21 out--teenie bopper free zone. I can't tell you the last time I was at an arcade and we both had a blast. Travis stuck mainly to the shooting games, although he was quite the champ at ski ball. I decided to waste some points on one of those crane games. I actually won, not one prize but two in one pull! The prizes were these weird guys with four arms, but I still won. Last weekend we went to a classmates wedding in a small town near Springfield. We had a great time, but that is one boring drive--cornfield after cornfield.

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