Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dim Sum and Sharks

Lately we have been pretty busy on the weekends. I think we are trying to do as much enjoyable events as possible while Travis has time...and while the weather is nice. This Saturday we went downtown with two of Travis's classmates, Jason and Raquel. We started off by having dim sum in Chinatown. I always thought that dim sum was a specific Chinese dish, but it is not. I looked it up and literally it means "a bit of heart". It is a meal of small dishes usually served as a brunch. The restaurant we went to had ladies pushing carts around with different food options. I was very glad we had Jason with us, who is Chinese, and could suggest what to try. I can't remember what everything was called that we ate, but all of it was fantastic! We also ate everything with chopsticks, which was a trick for me, but I believe by the end of the meal I reached intermediate level of chopstick use.

After our wonderful meal we head off to the Shedd Aquarium. We had to stand in line for about an hour waiting to purchase tickets, but it went by quick. We started off with the 4-D Planet Earth experience. It was one of those short movies where the chair vibrates, puffs of air come from the floor, etc. Our movie was mostly about penguins in the Artic. We had "arctic winds" blow through the theater and at least three squirts on water on our faces. The aquarium is huge, filled with fish and mammals from all over. Some of our favorites were the beluga whales, sea/river otters, penguins, and tank of sharks. Travis could have spent all day in front of the sharks. He really wants to swim with sharks. He also enjoyed the anaconda... me, not so much. We had a wonderful time and would recommend the aquarium to anyone visiting Chicago.

Finding Nemo didn't lie to us: Clown fish really do live in anemones!

These are shark eggs with baby sharks inside!

Here is a very short video of the Beluga whale. I tried to get pictures of the whales but they wouldn't stay still long enough. :)

I had my interview at Travis's school last Thursday. I felt it went very well. For the small amount of time that I was in the office I could feel such a difference in the attitude and overall ambiance from the job I am at now. Now I am just waiting to hear back.

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