Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today was the coldest day that we have experienced up here. At around 9:00 this morning the temperature was clocked at -11 degrees with a -30 wind chill. The high for the day did not make it out of the negatives. Needless to say I stayed inside all day. Whereas, poor Travis had to walk to school. Thankfully he is prepared with thermals he bought for pack backing trips and a balaclava mask. He says the only problem with his warm winter gear is that it's a little too warm when he's in the classroom.

We knew it was unbelievably cold outside when we noticed the ice forming on the inside of the windows! Here are some pictures:

I had some errands to run today, but I think I will wait until tomorrow when it warms 8 degrees!

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Rachael said... all I can say! I don't know how you are surviving that weather, Erin! I would not be able to handle weather that cold. I am pretty uncomfortable when it is in the low 50's here :) Miss you guys, and hope the job search is still moving along.