Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow, Snow and, You Guessed It, More Snow

When we arrived back to North Chicago a week in a half ago, we had to do a double take. Is this really the icy tundra we left two weeks ago? As we drove home from the airport we saw miles and miles of grass, unadulterated by the snow that plagued us months before our trip. Apparently while we were gone there was a heat wave (temperatures reaching the 50's and 60's) which melted a vast majority of the snow, and even caused some flooding. It was nice to have some time without the hastle of the cold, wet substance.

The snowless days lasted until Monday night/Tuesday morning of last week. Of course it was the morning I had to drive to my interview in Evanston. Thankfully the roads I was driving on had been plowed. It then snowed some on Thursday, as well as Friday. Friday night we went with some of Travis's classmates to a pool hall. While we were there the snow was coming down at a fairly nice rate. When the pool playing was done, we drove our passengers back to the student apartments. But the night was not over yet. Travis's two classmates jumped into a Dodge truck and we joined them in our Toyota Matrix in the fairly empty parking lot. Both vehicles began the thrilling experience of snow doughnuts! The things we southerners miss out on. Next time I hope to have my camera so I can take pictures and videos.To end the night Travis and his two classmates climbed a large pile of snow, the snow that had been plowed off the parking lot. Of course to get down Travis had to roll down the mountain. I remained in the dry, substaintially heated car while the boys had their fun.

We are supposedly in a blizzard/winter warning for tonight and tomorrow. We had a little bit of snow last night. The forcast on the weather channel for the next few days is exactly the same: snow, temps in the teens and windy. According to the weather channel we have already met and exceeded our average snow fall and we still have only been through 40% of the snow season.

We continue to bundle ourselves up, snuggle with warm blankets/duvets, and drink lots of hot tea and hot chocolate!

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GMB said...

Your experiences in Chicago remind me of Brian's first year in Denver. Snow began the second week he was there, and that was in Oct. 2006. They had record blizzards that winter, and he barely made it home for Christmas that year.

This year they have not had near as much snow. They have had some cold weather, but I do believe that Kyle and Jena have had colder weather this winter in Virginia.

Hope you are well. Good luck on the job interviews, Erin.