Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Stories

Here are a few incidents we have had with the snow:

* On Tuesday when Travis was walking to class he slipped on the ice. Apparently he hit a patch of "black ice" which is ice on the asphalt that is hard to see. He told me later it was a pretty bad slip. In his words, "I ate it hard." He is ok--no injuries. He did have to come back home and change clothes. I have yet to slip, though I have had a few "wobble moments." But I know my time is coming.

* Pretty much all day Tuesday it snowed. At times it was coming down thick--it was gorgeous! I was making cookies that afternoon for a cookie exchange with our church this Saturday. We didn't have enough eggs for me to do another batch. So I opted to drive to the store so I could finish and be done with them. The roads were covered with freshly fallen snow, and it was still coming down. I am very thankful to my dad for giving me snow driving lessons years ago in Abilene. I'm putting them to good use, dad! I was very careful driving. Everything was done in slow motion. And thankfully everyone around me did the same. It was really fun being all bundled up with snow boots, gloves, and ear muffs.

* Yesterday we took some pictures at the Clinic next to our apartment. There was a lot of undisturbed snow over there. Travis decided to jump in and make a snow angel. He thoroughly enjoyed it! However, a couple minutes after he started to feel the cold of the snow...he forgot his gloves. Here are some pictures of his fun:

* After the snow angel incident I was walking back to the apartment when my right leg disappeared! I stepped in a spot of uncompacted snow and my leg sunk in to about mid-calf. It also was stuck for a few moments. Thank goodness I had my snow boots on. My foot and leg were warm and dry--I love those things!

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Kristi said...

Inquiring Texans want to know: What are "snow boots?"

It looks beautiful there! But I bet you wish you had the toilet hooked up to the hot water now!