Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Job Search Update

I have aggressively been on the job prowl ever since I found out I did not receive the position at the museum. I have been applying to anything I am qualified for. I can't even tell you what all I have applied to. I probably should have kept a list. I figured since I was applying in late November/December I wouldn't hear anything until we got back from our two week trip to Texas. But all that changed last Friday...

I received an email from one of the places I applied, asking to set up an interview for next week (Dec. 15th-19th). The job is with Rotary International in Evanston, IL. This is the main headquarter for all the Rotary clubs, national and international. The job is for Coordinator of Central Pan America. I would coordinate information for 63 districts of clubs and also travel to training sessions.

Then on Monday I received a call from another job possibility, setting up an interview for later in the week. The job is a Quest Instructor at a place called Lambs Farm. It is an organization for adults with developmental disabilities. I would create classes and teach them to these individuals. The topics range from anything: history, life skills, computer programs, arts and crafts, etc.

I had both interviews today, the Rotary in the morning and Lambs Farm in the afternoon. I feel that both interviews went well, and hopefully one will come through. Both places told me I would hear something after the holidays.

I also received some applications for jobs at the naval base from a member of our church. So I plan to turn those in tomorrow.

If these jobs do not pan out, I plan to get registered for substitute teaching. Apparently North Chicago is a good area for this part-time employment.

We greatly appreciate all the prayers one this aspect of our new adventure!