Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day

Travis and I had a wonderful Labor Day spent with some wonderful friends. Travis was off from school on Monday. He started the day off by getting some morning study in--I truly am very proud of his good study habits. At around 12:30 Mark and Katrina came up and the four of us went out for a jolly bit of lunch. After our filling meal at Chili's and some good times coloring chili peppers, we made the great divide among the couples: the women went shopping and the men went to play disc golf.

Katrina and I headed to Michael's, Kohl's, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, all of which are very dangerous. I can easily create major financial damage in all of these delectable shopping venues. I, however refrained from spending since it really wasn't in our budget. Although I did steal a glance at the beautiful scrapbooking materials at Michael's and heard the whispers from the sparkling jewelry (that was almost all on sale) at Kohl's. I also denied the beckonings of the comfortable bed sheet sets at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I remained strong, however if I had stayed any longer I think I might have lost it.

After the shopping and the disc golf we all rendezvoused back at our apartment. We enjoyed some wonderful and pleasant conversation. Then to end the evening just right we headed out for coffee at Caribou Coffee. This was our second time to go to one of these coffee shops and they are really fun! I'm not sure if there are any of these in Texas. I haven't seen or heard of them. The inside is fixed up like a wooden cabin. It makes you feel like you just finished snow skiing in Colorado, minus the skis and the snow...well, at least for now.

All in all it was a wonderful day spent hanging out with dear friends.

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