Monday, September 22, 2008


My job interview on Thursday went really well. I left my temp job an hour early just to make sure I was there on time and to ensure time in case I got lost. I found the place easily and it only took me 20 minutes. So I drove around the area to kill time.

I met with the general manager who was very nice. We had the interview in the break room. Before we started the president of the company came in and I was introduced to him. He was very nice and had a wonderful, energetic personality. We started the interview of by discussing my ties to Texas and how I got up to Illinois. She told me about a time she went to Texas. She stayed in a ranch house in the Hill Country. The funny story she told me was about an eating experience. The waitress at a restaurant mentioned the specials, one of them being chicken fried steak. She told me that this blew her mind. She could not figure out what that was. Was it chicken? Was it chicken on top of steak? As a southerner I had never thought about someone not knowing what chicken fried steak was. I first filled out a little survey, to find out what my perspectives were on certain aspects of employment. We then discussed the company and the position. She then asked me questions in which I had to state an example from work experience. I always feel put on the spot. Some of the questions you are ready for, whereas others you have to rack your brain for an example. I feel I did fairly well in this section.

Next I had a small "assessment test." She took me to one of the computers and explained my assignment. I was given one of the sheets they use to keep track of the information for speakers at an event. Some of the information was missing, and I was to write an email to the client to obtain information about the speaker's attire, as well as to write an email to the speaker to obtain his travel information. I then was to use the internet to locate the hotel's contact information and email it to the general manager. I suppose they wanted to test my email etiquette and my ability to surf the web.

Once I finished the emails I was done. The general manager thanked me and told me there would be a round of second interviews with the Vice President of Sales and I would get a call if considered.

This afternoon I had a voicemail from the lady at the placement agency letting me know that the company is very interested in a second interview. The VP of Sales is out this week so I don't know yet when my interview will be. Hopefully on Friday they will know something more. I'm pretty excited!


Hannah said...

That's great! Congrats!

Kristi said...

Yay! Keep us informed.

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