Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time for a Blog Change

With the imminent changes on the horizon, I decided it was time to revamp the look of the blog--no more dreary winter scene. The northern adventures are slowly coming to an end. They have been enjoyable, but it's time for another chapter in our life.

For quite a while I thought about a new title for the blog. Many different things came to mind, but just didn't seem right. Before I was married I had my single girl blog which I titled using words from a Harry Connick Jr. song, Wink and a Smile. I felt I would like to follow that trend and used Sunny Side of Life. I'm not sure who the original singer is, but I remember the song from O Brother Where Art Thou. I plan for the blog to be mostly about the sunny parts that life will bring us. That's not to say that an occasional grey cloud won't make it's way across the screen.

To those of you that see this blog, I hope you enjoy the changes that have been made. Stay tuned for the long-awaited residency announcement which should grace the front page of the blog on either Thursday or Friday!

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