Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weird Comment

So today I spent an hour sitting at the front desk while our receptionist went to a meeting. On the desk, she has a picture frame with three pictures of her daughter who is in college. While I was sitting there, a director from a different department came to see our VP. As he was walking past the desk he noticed the pictures and asked, "is that your daughter?" Really? Yes, I was 7 when I had her--a medical miracle. Sheesh!

Travis will be coming home for the weekend on the 20th-22nd. He will then be back home for a month starting the 27th. From what I can tell he is enjoying his rotation in South Bend, Indiana. This is his first rotation to be staying by himself, and I can tell he is lonely.

It is finally beginning to warm up here. I think we reached the 70's today. I was talking with one of the men at church on Sunday who has lived here most of his life. He said this is the worst he can remember it being. Apparently, last year by this time we had 16 days above 70; this year we have only had 3. Maybe since this winter has lasted so long it means a very mild winter this year. One can hope!

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