Saturday, September 4, 2010

The New Apartment

So I have had these pictures in my camera since last weekend and have been meaning to upload them to the blog. Work got a little busy this week and many evenings were spent completing some stuff to stay ahead. But still, no excuse. Here are some photos of each of the rooms. Perhaps soon I can put up a video of a tour of the apartment to help but everything in perspective.

Large, spacious kitchen

One view of the dining room/living room

This is our lovely patio that we have been taking full advantage of. The table, chairs and grill are on loan from a 4th year podiatry student. The tomato plant was given to us by another podiatry student.

This is the guest room/office and from now until January it is known as Chris's room, Travis's classmate who stays with us on the weekdays.

Our super, big room. The picture does not do it justice--it just keeps going!

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