Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Events...At Least I Think It's Spring

Hello World!

We are still here, just slacking off in posting again. In regards to the title of this post we have been flip-flopping back and forth between comfortable 70's weather and "enough is enough" 40's/50's weather. The positive is that, no matter what the temperature, we have had beautiful sunny days. And as long as there is no more snow I am content (knocking on wood as we speak).

Here are a few of the things we have done over the past couple months:

* In March our friend Kim came to visit. It was great to see her and try out some new eating spots as well as tour the Chicago History Museum.

* Some of the new restaurants we have found include: Opas! which is a fantastic Greek restaurant. I had not had Greek food before and was a big fan. We also found a great sushi place. Once again this was my first time to have sushi and I loved it!

* A couple of months ago Travis and I were taught how to play canasta by two of his classmates and we are now hooked. Quite often we have men against women canasta competitions. We are getting pretty good at the game.

* Because the weather has been nice (and snowless) Travis has been breaking in his new golf clubs. It also serves as a great stress reliever from least it does when he has a good game. :)

* We are contemplating moving from our apartment. We are either looking at a larger, first floor apartment in our complex (to get away from our loud and annoying upstairs and downstairs neighbors) or we may possible rent one of the military houses or duplexes. We will know more come the end of May/June.

* Travis has about a month of classes left and he is pushing through. He along with all of his classmates are struggling to find motivation after almost 2 years of grueling schoolwork. This Thursday he has his clinical exam in which he will work with a patient at the clinic and be graded on his skills. Once classes are done in May his GPA will be set. His capstone classes and rotations will be on a pass/fail scale. I am so proud of all he has accomplished so far!

* I recently bought a sewing machine and have been intrigued to learn more sewing projects. I made a small decorative pillow, but would really like to make clothes. I am looking into taking a few classes offered at Joanne's. So far I have been patching up Travis's well as his friend, Chris's.

* The next big event is Travis's 30th birthday this Thursday! I have a few things planned, but I will wait to divulge the information, on the off chance that Travis reads this blog. I will have a special post all about the event...including pictures!

* Lastly, Travis has decided to grow his beard out until his Board exam in July (Beard til Boards is what he calls it). He started in February and already it is pretty thick. Last week a co-worker, who is a NASCAR fan, told me Travis looks like Dale Earnhardt Jr. I will let you be the judge:

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Kristi said...

ERIN!!! I miss you,you blogging slacker! I just got a sewing machine too--we'll have to compare projects, although I'm not anywhere near ambitious enough to make clothes.
And, yes, the resemblance is uncanny!