Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Texas Independence Day

In honor of Texas Independence Day I decided to make Texas cookies. During my trip to Texas for Robin's wedding I bought a Texas shaped cookie cutter. I decided to go the easy way out and bought pre-made sugar cookie dough. I also bought red, white, and blue cookie icing to make the cookies look like the Texas flag. I was a little worried because I have has some major baking battles with our gas oven. I do not like gas ovens. In the past I tried to make snickerdoodles and they turned out hard as rock. I also tried to make oatmeal cookies that flattened out and crumbled in your hand. The worst by far was when I baked a bundt cake. When I checked on it, half of the cake was cooked and the other half was liquid. What the huey?

Thankfully the cookies turned out ok. Well, they turned out to be edible. For some reason the dough decided to grow exponentially while in the oven. I pulled out a tray of bloated Texas cookies. Perhaps I offended Illinois and it was taking out its revenge. We remedied the situation by cutting the cookies a second time with the cookie cutter. (Travis's idea). Below are some picture of the Great Texas Cookie Escapade.

Poor little bloated cookies. They are in desperate need of some Tums.

Iced and before the fix.

Final product!

Enjoying my cookie with some good ole fashioned Texas Pride!


Jon said...

Cute cookies! They probably bloated up because you rolled the dough too thick. It has to be pretty thin to hold its shape but thin dough is really hard to do with intricate cookie cutters (I know from Benjamin's birthday moose cookies). Cutting the cooked cookies was a really good idea. I'm going to do that next time I have an intricate cutter!

Kristi said...

Oops! The last comment was from me, not Jon. I guess he was signed in and I didn't notice!

Mel said...

I love the shirt! Where did you get it?

Mel said...

And about two seconds after I posted that comment, I saw that Donald Miller will be in Chicago this weekend at Willow Creek. You should go check him out!