Monday, June 8, 2009

Texas Weekend

This weekend we traveled down to Texas for Cody, Travis's brother, and Larissa's Wedding. It was so nice to be back home with the brown/yellow/green grass, the open landscape, and the 90 degree weather. Travis decided to take the opportunity and stay a little longer. He left on Thursday and is staying through Wednesday. I was there just for the weekend due to work, but it was a very needed and appreciated time.

The wedding was wonderful, full of lots of stories, laughter, and a few happy tears. I know Travis and I really loved spending time with our families. I even got to spend some time with a dear, dear friend. Robin, my college roommate, came to the wedding as the photographer. Some of my favorite moments from the wedding include going with Grace to buy supplies for the newly wed car, Cody and Larissa's Star Wars themed slide show, and my sisters dancing in sync to YMCA.

I took a few pictures from the event, not as many as I should have. I tend to forget about having a camera and get to busy socializing.

The first dance to "At Last".

I think an appropriate title for this picture would be Welcome to the Bodeker Family, Larissa.

The Texas vacation continued as we stayed with some very good friends in College Station. We made sure to hit up some highly missed food joints. Saturday for lunch I got my Freebirds fix. After the wedding we went with a group of friends to Sonic; the closest Sonic to us in Illinois is around 40 miles away. I had been having diet vanilla coke withdrawals. Sunday we went to A&M church and it was absolutely wonderful. I do really like our church in Illinois, but I've truly missed the people and the worship at A&M.

My flight left at 3:45 on Sunday afternoon and I almost missed it! A couple of friends from church were going to Houston to drop something off and offered us a ride. We would have made it with plenty of time except for the closed highway. The north bound tollway which takes you to the Houston airport was closed, without any signs warning you ahead of time. We had to take a 15 minute detour just to get back on the correct highway. Thankfully our ride knew another way to get to the airport. When we arrived to the airport the terminal I was suppose to get off at was under construction without a drop off area or any signs for a detour. We ended up driving into the parking lot, where Travis and I jumped out and ran for it. We got there at 3:15, 30 minutes before my flight left. I was very glad Travis came with me, just in case I needed to find another flight. Luckily I already had my boarding pass and paid for my bag. There were hardely any lines at the luggage check-in and security. As soon as I was through security I ran for my gate which was only 4 down. Thankfully I made it onto my plane with time to spare.

Travis comes back tomorrow, and I can't wait to have him back!

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Mel said...

I love the picture of you and Travis at the end. Absolutely adorable!