Thursday, October 16, 2008

Job Status

I called the placement agency yesterday to check up on the status of the job. I've been getting a little anxious since it seems to be taking longer than I thought. I'm not sure but I think my contact lady told me something she wasn't suppose to. The company is wanting to hire two people for the position, me being one of them. My thought process is that instead of one person assisting two executives, each executive would have there own assistant. The company is running this idea past "the powers that be" and waiting for the o.k. It may happen that they can only hire one person and then I'm not sure if it will be me or the other person. So at least I know what is going on, and now I continue the waiting process.


Mel said...

At least you know they liked you! I hope they get to hire two, and if not then they pick you.

Kristi said...

I hope you get it--looks promising!!!! Your fall tree pics are beautiful!

kimber said...

hang in their kiddo! I love the idea of the Sweetest day, you should bring that back with you to Texas soon. :)